The interior of Hammer & Nail, a mid-century inspired cocktail bar featuring the icon neon Hammer Hammer Nail sign behind the bar

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11:30 AM - 5 PM

Monday through Thursday
5-11 PM

Hammer and Nail is available for private events. Contact us to learn more.

Inspired by Detroit’s mid-20th century cocktail culture, Hammer & Nail is Midtown’s latest addition to the city’s lively food and beverage scene. Our

Cocktail Bar

sits on the ground floor of the gloriously restored Plaza Building, where soaring floor-to-ceiling windows and warm walnut and leather banquettes are the backdrop for period-inspired cocktails and cuisine.

Hammer and Nail - Detroit Cocktail Bar - Graphic Lines
A hand holds the deep red Old Fashioned cocktail and places it gently on a marble tabletop.
Hammer and Nail - Detroit Cocktail Bar - The Moonwalk
Hammer and Nail - Detroit Cocktail Bar - Graphic Lines
The bright Blue Hawaii cocktail sits on a black marble bar top, dressed up in a hurricane glass with a cocktail umbrella and pineapple leaves

Signature Cocktails

The Nail  |  $13

Dewars White Label, Copper & Kings Immature Brandy, Drambuie

Moonwalk  |  $10

Grand Marnier, Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Cava, Rose Water

Nitro Russian  |  $12

Stolichnaya House & Coffee Liqueur, Cream Upon Request


Mimosa  |  $9

Bloody Mary  |  $10


By The Glass  |  $10

Pinot Grigio
Pinot Noir
Sparkling Rosé

Beer & Cider

Domestic Beer  |  $3

Bud Light
Michelob Ultra

Imports & Craft Beer  |  $5

Austin Bros Wheat
Austin Bros IPA
Blue Moon
White Claw

Cider  |  $6

Blackgrass Ciderworks Fineapple
Blackgrass Ciderworks Cran Cherrykee



Diet Coke
Topo Chico
Orange Juice
Grapefruit Juice

A bartender picks up the pastel Pink Squirrel cocktail in a frosted glass


Constructed in 1966 as the Professional Plaza office tower, the structure later became known around town as the “Hammer and Nail building” for its iconic neon sign—a series of hammers striking a nail at the top of its peak—and its origins as home of the Detroit Carpenters Union. Hammer & Nail pays homage to the building’s mid-century origins while restoring its famous sign to a place of prominence for all to see.